Translation in almost any combination of languages & areas of specialisation.

As an agency, we do not employ translators. We “only” know how to choose the most suitable specialist for the given task.

It almost comes without saying that’s much better and easier for an expert to master one or more foreign language, than it’s for a translator to master a specific skill or gain a specific experience in a short time frame. You can rest assured that your translation tasks will be handled only by the most distinguished experts in the given fields, with the top and flawless quality of language competence. This also includes the superior knowledge of specific vocabulary and terminology, which is essential for the proper translation.

Thus, we place special emphasis on permanently developing our translator database.

Even though we have received translation orders in around 50 languages since Reflex Translations was founded, 90% of our orders represent various combinations of some world languages (mainly English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian) and Central-Eastern European (CEE) languages (Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian and Ukrainian).

In 2014 we delivered approximately 45 million characters of translation in a total of 132 language combinations, which corresponds to more or less 28,000 pages. Now, multiply this number with the thirty years of our presence on the demanding translation market, and you’ll get the right kind of an impression about the size and competence of the Reflex Translation Services.

We have had ISO 9001:2000 (presently 2008) and NATO supplier certification since 2004. We perform our professional activities based on the European standard DIN EN 17100:2015, developed for language service providers.

We guarantee the best quality to suit the order.
In case of justified complaints, we correct the translation free of charge or, if the customer chooses so, we pay back the total translation fee. We have had 9 such cases during our 30 years of operation.

In the unlikely case that our customer’s damage exceeds the price paid for the translation, our third party insurance provides cover up to the amount of 100,000 USD. This has never happened in our practice yet.

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