Translation in any desired combination of languages and fields of expertise

We perform our activities according to the DIN EN 15038 European quality standard for translation services

Typical language pairs

Even though we have received translation orders in around 50 languages since Reflex Translations was founded, 90% of our orders represent various combinations of some world languages (mainly English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian) and Central and Eastern European languages (Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian and Ukrainian).
As for the fields of expertise, legal and business-financial translations are the most common.

Advantages of an agency

As an agency, we do not employ full-time translators. We “only” know how to choose the most suitable specialist(s) to prepare the given translation. The agency structure is the most suitable way to deliver a complex project at a price which is the most favourable for the customer and with the optimal combination of translation skills and expertise, especially considering the opportunities offered by the various electronic communication channels these days.
Therefore, we obviously lay great emphasis on permanently developing our translator database. The number of our active Hungarian and foreign colleagues, who regularly work for us, is about 250-300 (this network is complemented by our foreign translation agency partners), while our complete database presently contains 1,600 specialists.

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How it works?

Send us the material to be translated

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You can send the document(s) using our RFQ form, by post, in an email, perhaps photographed in a text message or you can take it to one of our offices in person.

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We send you a quote within 20 minutes

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Our quote contains the conditions of completion, including any advance payment involved. We only accept orders in writing.

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You can pay with your bank card on our website, via bank transfer, in cash at our offices or by way of PayPal to the address [email protected]

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We can send you the completed translation in an email, fax, by post or courier service, or you can pick it up in person at one of our offices.

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