Video Translation and Subtitling

Video translation and subtitling tasks can represent quite a creative challenge. Reflex Video Translation and Subtitling Services cover both entertainment and business oriented purposes of our clients. On the other side, it’s a well-known fact that a few minutes long video can literally do miracles for your company or product presentation, under one condition. You need to make sure that your message is accurately and adequately translated and interpreted in the target language.

Reflex Video Translation and Subtitling Services offer two choices to its respectful clients. In order to reach your target group, you can either conduct a video dubbing or subtitling. However, it’s worth mentioning that video dubbing can be quite an expensive process. There’s a quite simple reason for it. You need to go through the entire process of video production, in order to ensure a new audio in a target foreign language. On the other hand, video subtitling can represent a more affordable and efficient solution. Your original video will include a subtitle in a target foreign language, which allows you to reach target audience, who doesn’t understand the original audio components of your video material. Therefore, if you need to present your video in multiple languages, video subtitling should definitely be your primary choice.

Reflex Video Translation and Subtitling Services includes two phases. In the first phase, we translate the audio material in the most suitable text format. During the second and final stage, we combine the translated text with the original audio material. It’s worth emphasizing that only professional subtitle translators can ensure that your video gets a flawless and fully synchronized translation. You just can’t allow yourself a luxury of embarrassing your product or service, with an inaccurate or poorly synchronized subtitle translation.

Reflex Video Translation and Subtitling Services prove that we’re perfectly capable of delivering the top quality regardless of the translation form in question, which includes both written and spoken language. As soon as you start receiving the positive feedbacks of your target audience, you’ll appreciate our professional approach and expertise even more. Reflex Video Translation and Subtitling Services Team strongly believes that specialization is the key. This means that we’ve quite a few professional translators in our team, who fully specialize only or mainly for these specific translation tasks.

The enclosed German-language video has been subtitled by us recently for a vehicle service and spare part dealership.

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