The legal predecessor of Reflex Translations was founded by Lajos Énekes on 1 December 1983. At the beginning, the company operated as a sole proprietorship and its customers were primarily the state-run heavy industrial corporations of the North Hungarian industrial region.

At present, the majority of the turnover comes from the competitive sector, judicial authorities and law firms. Our returning customers operate in various fields of the economy while orders from private individuals represent around 10-15%.

The company has offices in 11 cities throughout Hungary.

The parent company of Reflex Translations is called Reflex Üzleti Szolgáltató Kft. In addition to translation and interpretation, its activities also include web development, online marketing (search engine optimisation) and real estate investment.

The number of full-time employees of the company varies between 10-12 persons; its net turnover has been around 700,000 euros in recent years and its equity capital (in the form of real estate investments) exceeds 900,000 euros.


with financial data of the business year 2018

Establishment in 1983
Court of Registration Miskolc
Number of Registration 05-09-000445
VAT No. 10394863-2-05
Headquarters Budapest, Székesfehérvár, Zamárdi
Owners Énekes Lajos, Énekes Barbara, Énekes Zsóka
Income 241 M HUF (695,000 EUR)
Earnings after Tax 26 M HUF (75,000 EUR)
Equity Capital 310 M HUF (895,000 EUR)
Number of Employees 12