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Ever since our foundation, the business branch generating the vast majority of our revenue has been translation.
Although the orders we receive mainly concern various combinations of world languages and those spoken in Central-East-Europe, we are able to deliver translations in practically any pair of languages relying on our extensive network of translators and our partner translation agencies.
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With their decades-long translation/proofreading experience, our proofreaders are able to revise the work of our own experts or external translators at a high standard. Naturally, besides of translations, we are also glad to accept orders related to proofreading studies, essays, newspaper articles or other texts.
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Whether it’s about a professional conference, a court trial, a business negotiations or even a wedding ceremony, you will certainly be satisfied with the work of our escort, consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.
At your request, we will also supply the equipment needed for conference interpretation (cabin and audio equipment).
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Why Reflex?

Because we have been serving happy customers for 37 years!

Regardless of whether you hire Reflex to translate a birth certificate or documentation totalling hundreds of pages, you will experience the same amount of attention and helpfulness from our colleagues. We understand there are times when it is awfully urgent to get that translation and we will put all our efforts into helping you.

We are not cheap, but you get more and better services with us than elsewhere for the same amount. Dozens of our regular, loyal customers are proof of that – some of them have been coming to us for 15-20 years (we are ready to provide their contact information upon request).

We will not abruptly announce all sorts of “extra charges” at the end of the process. We hold ourselves to what we agreed to with you in the first place – even if this means closing a project with a loss now and then.

And if we make a mistake or if our customer believes we have, we will do our best to rectify it and convince our customer to stay loyal to us: we strive to find a solution acceptable for all our customers as soon as possible. Of course, to cover all the eventualities, we have third party insurance cover up to a substantial amount (the insurance company is still above the line :)).

We always consider the other side, regarding the satisfaction of the translators and our subcontractor partners, as just as important – we have been working with some of them for 37 years. We always pay all of our translators in time and as agreed even if our invoice is partially or fully refused due to an unjustified customer complaints.

Any Further Question?

Do you not know the difference between official and certified translation or which one you need? Do you wonder if you need proofreading or not? Are you currently looking for an interpreter for a rare combination of languages and technical fields in vain? Our colleagues will find the best solution for you and they are always ready to answer your questions by email or phone.

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