Welcome to Reflex Translations

a 40 year old Hungarian translation agency


Translation has been our core business since the company was founded.
Although the major part of our assignments are mainly for various combinations of the most spoken European languages and Central-Eastern European languages – first of all Hungarian -, we can also rely on our extensive network of specialist translators and partner translation agencies to handle virtually any language pair.
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With decades of translation/proofreading experience, our proofreaders are able to improve the work of our own professionals or outside translators to a high standard. Of course, we are happy to take on assignments even if the source and target languages are the same, whether it is a study, thesis, journal article or a large piece of writing in Hungarian or in any of Central-Eastern European languages.
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Whether it’s a professional conference, a court hearing, a business meeting or even a wedding ceremony, you’re sure to be satisfied with the work of our escort, consecutive or simultaneous interpreters.
We can also provide the equipment (cabin and sound equipment) required for conference interpreting.
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How it works?

Send us the material to be translated

Fordítás ajánlatkérés

You can send the document(s) using our RFQ form,
by post, in an email, perhaps photographed in a text message or you can take it to one of our offices in person.

We send you a quote within 20 minutes

Fordítás árajánlat

Our quote contains
the conditions of completion, including
any advance payment
involved. We only accept
orders in writing.

Choose your method of payment

Fordítás díja

You can pay with your
bank card on our website,
via bank transfer,
in cash at our offices or by way of PayPal to the address [email protected].

Choose your method of delivery

Fordítás átvétele

We can send you the completed translation in an email, fax, by post or courier service, or you can pick it up in person at one of our offices.

Get a quote online. We’ll send it within 30 minutes.

40 years in figures

Translation Projects
Translated Pages

40 years experience, 100% quality guarantee, excellent value for money

Whether you need us to translate a birth certificate or hundreds of pages of documents, you will receive the same level of attention and assistance from our staff. We know that there are situations when you would really need a translation “for yesterday”, and we try to help even then.

We don’t come up with various “surcharges” afterward; what we have agreed to, we stick to. And if we’ve done something wrong (actually or in our client’s judgement), we do our best to make it right and our client sticks with us. In these rare cases, our managing director will try to find a mutually acceptable solution as quickly as possible.

We attach equal importance to the satisfaction of the other side – our translators and subcontractors. We have several translators with whom we have worked from the very beginning.

Do you have a question?

Our staff will answer your questions by e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (+361-269-4781, +3630-935-6867).