Escort interpretation, Consecutive interpretation and Simultaneous interpretation

Reflex Translations performs all the three following types of interpretation at high standard, although the majority of our turnover is made up of translation.

Escort interpretation

The simplest form of interpreting. As the name suggests, the interpreter escorts a smaller or larger group of people, sometimes of changing composition, who do not understand the language of the country, and generally performs the interpretation services at various locations, often combined with consecutive interpretation. It is characterised by the more relaxed, informed atmosphere. For example: a foreign delegation’s factory visit, combined with business meetings.

Consecutive interpretation

“Consecutive” is a word of Latin origin and it means “following one another”. In this case, the interpreter translates to the other language when the speaker has finished his thoughts or takes a break. We perform consecutive interpretation, for instance, during formal business meetings, negotiations, trainings or presentations.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation means the highest professional and psychological requirements for the interpreter. During simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter usually sits inside a closed cabin, listening to the words of the presenter through headphones and saying the translation into a microphone.

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