Website Translation, Localisation – With SEO on request

We have found two graphics regarding this subject. The first one shows the number of internet users in the largest countries of the world and the share of world population of the same countries, in 2013. On the second figure the linguistic partition of the world’s total websites is represented.

When it comes to a highly desirable business expansion scenario and obtaining new customers, it simply isn’t enough to provide a simple translation of your existing web content. You need to make sure that your corporate message and vision are properly interpreted. It comes without saying that the very impression about your business or company includes a visit to your website. The potential damage caused by an inaccurate, unprofessional, or inappropriate translation can have devastating effects for your future business plans. The translation must be absolutely correct both technically and linguistically, otherwise the foreign target audience will not take the offer seriously. Therefore, it is worth ordering localisation with native proofreading.

On the other side, we’re fully aware that the top quality web translation couldn’t be treated as a complete and successful without taking the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements into consideration. What’s the use of an accurate and relevant web translation, if your search engine results get lost in the translation process? This is an additional, and probably the most important reason, why should your website translation task be treated by the experienced professionals in this field. Otherwise, it’s very likely that you’ll end up paying twice for the same job. The first time for a translation, which wasn’t SEO friendly. The second time to optimize your translated content. With the Reflex Website Translation Services you get both quality translation and optimized content with one payment.

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