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Technical translations are among the most specific, complex, and demanding tasks, any translator can face in his professional career. Therefore, you should think twice, who’s going to be in charge of delivering you the expected quality of technical translation right on time.

Reflex Translation Services’ founder and CEO Lajos Énekes made his first independent steps in this field more than thirty years ago. This is an impressive and a rare fact, even in the prestigious and challenging world of professional translators by itself. However, what’s even more interesting is his professional background. Lajos Énekes’ career and early beginnings are closely related to the technology and chemical industry. As a matter of fact, the very first translation tasks submitted to the Reflex Translation Services included numerous documents related to mechanical engineering, mining industry, metallurgy, and chemical industry. Some of the first clients to use the translation services provided by the Reflex Team were and still are the leading Hungarian technology companies.

Reflex Translation Team is particularly proud of and feels confident about providing its services in the field of technical translation. Thanks to its impressive experience and remarkable skills, Reflex clients can be rest assured that their technology-related documents will get the most accurate and reliable translations. We began our translation work with the technology documentation, and we’ve lasted for thirty years growing and expanding our client base all the time.

You can still make a compromise, when it comes to the translation of a standard document. Almost any person with average language skills can provide you with a more or less accurate translation of such a document. However, when it comes to complex technical documentation, you can’t make a compromise about the quality itself. Either you have or don’t have a proper translation. Proper and reliable technical documentation is essential for industry oriented companies. Especially, if you plan to expand or sell products in foreign markets. The damages and potential financial losses associated with the inadequate translation of necessary technical documentation can have devastating consequences for your business development and success perspectives.

Reflex Technical Translation Services are provided only by the top experts in automotive, electronic, IT, chemical, mining, engineering, and other relevant industries. We wanted to make sure that translators we hire and award with these specific tasks have a remarkable practical experience and adequate academic credentials to guarantee their results. In addition, our translation work with the technical documents is in a complete accordance with the rigorous EU standards and requirements in this field. All technical specifications, manuals, safety data, or quality assurance documents will get the accurate, precise, and prompt translations within the deadlines you determine.

On the video of this page the unbelievably fast KUKA robot faces off against one of the best table tennis players of all time. KUKA Robotics has been one of our major customers in the technical field since 2006.

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