Translation by native speaker

Using Reflex Translation Agency’s translation by native speaker service you get the highest possible translation quality – for a price generally higher, sometimes significantly higher than the usual price.
Combining translation by a native speaker with proofreading by a native speaker the quality of translation is practically 100% and ready to print in the country of the target language.

Cost of translation by a native speaker

You can rightly ask what a “generally higher” or “sometimes significantly higher” price means.
Well, so many language combinations, so many different cases (and unit prices). It is obvious that it is not difficult to have a general business or legal text translated from Hungarian into Slovakian by a translator whose mother tongue is Slovakian, so in this case the cost of the native language translation is the same as that of an ordinary Hungarian-Slovakian translation.
However, the translation is much more expensive, if the customer wants to have the same text translated not from Hungarian into Slovakian, but into Danish by a native Danish translator.

In that case, we might even have to reject the order because there is simply no or no available Danish professional translator at the time.

Another uncertainty is the special area: even in the Hungarian-English combination we do not have too many native English translators who can efficiently cope with e.g. a special text about microbiology.
The translation of films is often a good example of how otherwise excellent (native) translators can produce mistranslations in an area that the average person is less familiar with.

In which cases is it worth requesting translation by a native speaker?

Literature, scientific and other publications published abroad in a large number of copies, complicated legal interpretations of crucial importance, resolutions, intergovernmental and other contracts with an extraordinary high value and involving complex relationships.
Please make sure to indicate in your request for a quotation or in your order that you need translation by a native speaker.

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