Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation

Translation of medical and pharmaceutical documentation is a complex and demanding challenge for a language service provider. On the one side, there’s an unavoidable requirement to involve only experts, such as doctors, biologists, or pharmacists, in the translation process of medical or pharmaceutical documents. On the other side, you’re facing a big responsibility, because the results of your work can significantly influence someone’s health and medical condition.

Reflex Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services have been conducted for more than thirty years, in a complete accordance with the rigorous requirements in this field. Nowadays, our work closely follows instructions and recommendations of the EU Commission and the EMEA (European Medicines Agency) quality assurance requirements. Our translation team consists only of medical and pharmaceutical specialists, with a proven track record and years of remarkable experience in the given field your translation request is related to. Their knowledge and skills are the best guarantee that your document translation will include the proper terminology.

Reflex Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services include the following:

  • Science conference presentation documents and materials
  • Medical and science journal articles
  • Official statements and scientific essays
  • Medical history and patient records
  • Hospital discharge and diagnostic reports
  • User’s instructions and manuals for medical instruments, devices, and machines
  • Medical equipment and appliance descriptions
  • Product characteristic, label, and patient information leaflet summaries
  • Clinical trial reports and protocols
  • Certificates, forms, and letters requested by foreign health insurance funds and agencies

Our services in this field also cover the translation, interpretation, and proofreading of websites, blogs, app’s descriptions, and similar, of various private clinics, hospitals, and other medical or pharmacy-related institutions. When it comes to these documents, you simply can’t allow yourself an expensive and potentially harmful luxury of making a mistake.

Our team of medical and pharmaceutical experts will respect your privacy and discretion requirements in these cases. There’s nothing to worry about. Your medical documents, including your medical history will be treated as confidential. We will make sure that access to these extremely sensitive documents is granted only to the translators, who need to provide their skills and expertise for translation, interpretation, or proofreading purposes. In addition, we will find a way of delivering the results of our work with no danger of compromising their confidential nature.

Reflex Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services are an excellent choice for both medical professionals and individuals with medical needs, who can strongly benefit from top quality and reliable translations in this field. Having in mind the seriousness and complexity of these translation tasks, we’ve included money-back guarantees and insurance policies as a part of our services in order to ensure the safety and protection of our clients. You can rest assured that no harm will come your way and any chance of potential damages will be eliminated thanks to our rigorous policies and guarantees.

Our major customers in this area are Draeger Safety, Draeger Medical, Hartman Hungary, Lilly, MSD Pharma and Pfizer.

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