Translation fee of some common Hungarian documents

Translation into English, German, French and Russian: HUF 8,000
CZ, PL, RO, SP, SK: HUF 9,000
BG, DK, SF, NL, GR, HR, P, S, SRB, SLO, TR: HUF 11,000

For languages other than those mentioned above, please ask for a quotation online, by email or in person at one of our offices.

Copies identical to original: first page HUF 600, each additional page HUF 350.

Delivery deadline:
The translation of common documents is normally delivered on the next working day, unless the quantity is more than usual. (If, for example, an order is placed at our office or sent to us in any other way on Tuesdays at 3 pm, the translation will be ready by Wednesday 3 pm.)
If you need the translation in shorter time, e.g. within 2-3 hours, we charge a 40% express service fee.

Specimen signature
Birth certificate
BCertificates (school-leaving exam, trade certificate, language exam, vocational training courses (OKJ), etc.)
Certificate or diploma loose sheets
Diploma, master craftsman’s certificate
Certificate of clean record
Official health certificate
Statements and certificates (tax, marital status, income, school attendance, medical, etc.)
Markbook (university, college) basic data (with information)
Markbook semester, final exams, complex exams
School report (primary and secondary school) basic data and every year
Driving licence
Specimen signature
Sick pay document, sick pay slip

How it works?

Send us the material to be translated

Fordítás ajánlatkérés

You can send the document(s) using our RFQ form,
by post, in an email, perhaps photographed in a text message or you can take it to one of our offices in person.

We send you a quote within 20 minutes

Fordítás árajánlat

Our quote contains
the conditions of completion, including
any advance payment
involved. We only accept
orders in writing.

Choose your method of payment

Fordítás díja

You can pay with your
bank card on our website,
via bank transfer,
in cash at our offices or by way of PayPal to the address [email protected].

Choose your method of delivery

Fordítás átvétele

We can send you the completed translation in an email, fax, by post or courier service, or you can pick it up in person at one of our offices.

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